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‘Gotabaya a sure winner if SLPP joins SLFP’

Gotabhaya’s victory at the forthcoming Presidential Election will be a foregone conclusion if the SLFP joins hands with the SLPP, UPFA General Secretary Parliamentarian Mahinda Amaraweera said.

Speaking to the media at the SLFP headquarters yesterday, MP Amaraweera said the SLFP is waiting for a response from the SLPP to the proposals made by the party with regard to the formation of the coalition for the Presidential Election. “We strongly believe that the SLPP’s response will definitely be a positive one. So the SLFP is ready to launch its election campaign immediately after receiving their response and there is no need to wait till October 5 for the SLFP’s final decision on Presidential Election.

If they don’t agree with us, then we have to reconsider our decision at the next Central Committee meeting scheduled for October 5,” the SLFP General Secretary said.

Commenting on the common symbol proposed by the SLFP, MP Amaraweera said, “The SLFP has already made many sacrifices with regard to the formation of the Left-wing coalition and since we want to ensure the support of every SLFP supporter, we asked for a common symbol.”

He also highlighted the need to have an environmentally friendly and peaceful election campaign.

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