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Sajith, Gota, Anura Kumara likely on one stage on Saturday

Presidential hopefuls vying for the upcoming election are expected to be on one stage at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium at 3.00pm on Saturday, October 5, Convener of Youth to Lead Sri Lanka, Sachinda Dulanjana, said yesterday.

He said Presidential candidates Sajith Premadasa, Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Anura Kumara Dissanayaka have been invited to the ‘Public Platform 2019’.

“We urge all the Presidential candidates to get on stage to unveil their policies, methodology, income-generating strategies, and specific time frames they wish to implement their work plans,” he said.

‘Public Platform 2019’ will be telecast live on television channels and through social media. Meanwhile, the debate will be held in the presence of 3,000 election monitoring agents to ensure an unbiased process for all the candidates.

Dulanjana said that through such quality discussions based on policies and strategies presented by the candidates, the public would also get used to the practice of casting their votes based on policies, instead of the usual voting habit merely based on the individual candidates’ personalities or political parties.

“We strongly believe in the need for a revolutionary change in the existing corrupt political culture in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we urge the Presidential candidates not to miss this opportunity, where 4.5 million of our youth, along with the public who wishes to see a developed political culture, will be eagerly watching the ‘Public Platform 2019’ while being vigilant regarding the methodologies presented for a better Sri Lanka,” he said.

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