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Racket behind issuing vehicle revenue licenses

Southern Province Motor Traffic Commissioner Rasika Upendra Iddamalgoda Dissanayake has made a complaint to Galle Police against an employee of her office alleging that he had fraudulently earned Rs. 443,176 through the issuance of vehicle revenue licenses without following the formal official procedure.

The Commissioner stated in her complaint that the said fraud has occurred from August 2018 to September 2019. The fraud has been disclosed following an investigation carried out into a revenue license that was issued to a particular vehicle owner.

An officer had informed the Commissioner that the income from issuing vehicle revenue licenses during the period 2018–2019 had not been included in the daily transaction book and following the subsequent inquiry, some discrepancies in the issuance of vehicle revenue licenses were detected.

Thereafter, the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology on the request of the Southern Province Motor Traffic Office had also conducted a special investigation based on the records available in the data system for the respective period and confirmed that the employee at the cash counter in the office had executed the racket.

After carrying out the formal internal examinations into the incident, the Southern Province Commissioner lodged the above complaint at the police.

Galle Police Crime Investigation Unit is carrying out further investigations under the instructions of Galle ASP Dhulshan Nagahawatta and Galle HQI IP Arunalal.

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