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Why Leadership takes so long to act on Railway strike, queries NCE

The National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) which services the most vital component of the economy, namely Exports, expresses utter dismay at the failure of the State Leadership to have acted and halted the Railway strike.

The Chamber states that it is obvious to everyone, the objective behind the timing of the many work stoppages including the Railway strike, which has caused immense suffering and hardship to the general public, not to mention the damage caused to the economy.

During the past days the Country has been able to witness particularly over the television channels, print media and social media clips, the suffering and the dangers encountered by the travelling public who have been forced to cling on to the very few crowded trains, dangling on foot boards.

They include innocent school children, patients travelling to hospitals and ordinary workers who need to report to their work places on time to avoid disciplinary action. Parents have been equally concerned regarding the fate of their school going children, some of whom are known to have fainted, and fallen sick in crowded trains.

The query on the lips of everyone is the inefficiency and lack of leadership bordering on utter callousness on the part of the State Authorities to promptly move to resolve such issues or to declare such services as Essential Services. Failure to do so for so long only enhances the indiscipline and lack of Law and Order that is prevalent in the Country.

In regard to the adverse effects on the economy the Member Enterprises of the Chamber have been severely affected by late attendance of staff, and particularly those engaged in manufacturing activities.

This has necessitated increasing or extending production shifts to catch up on time incurring additional costs to avoid losing credibility with their buyers. The Chamber adds that while these issues adversely affect our Exporters, their counterparts in competitor countries gain at the expense of our Exporters and the Country at large.

It is now reported that Immigration & Emigration Department staff are to embark on a 48 hour work stoppage that will also severely affect activities in all Ports and Airports.

The Chamber queries as to why the State Authorities are continuously failing to give meaningful leadership to the people of our Country.

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