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Co-Operative Movement calls for recognition of Spa services

Tourism Value Chain Officer M. H. Abeynayake, called on the tourism industry stakeholders to recognize the work of spa services as being integral to value addition to tourism.

Abeynayake was speaking at a Tourism Value Chain Industry stakeholder forum organized by SANASA International and Development International Desjardins at the Kingsbury Hotel.

The Forum presented findings of a study on the Northern, North Western, Sabaragamuwa, and Southern Provinces. The study focused on the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Tourism Industry.

According to the study, 16% of MSME depend solely on Foreign tourists, 2% in Sabaragamuwa, 3% in the Northern Province, 18% in the North West Province and 35% in the Northern Province cater solely to International Tourists. 57% of the MSME receive tourists as individuals and 43% as couples or groups or as teams.

While 30% of Tourism MSME’s are registered, 46% of the MSME’s are unregistered in the Southern Province.

“Northern Province has 22% of businesses unregistered, while 76% of the total employees are engaged in tourism in the four provinces are men and 24% women. Female participation in the North West Province is 17%, Southern Province 19%, Sabaragamuwa 27% and Northern Province 32%.”

The North Western Province has female business leadership at 9%, Southern 15%, Northern 21% and Sabaragamuwa at 26% respectively.

She disclosed that 49% of MSME revenue is from accommodation services.

“The highest competition is also recorded in the accommodation sector. 46% of MSME’s use the support of third-party and online booking engines to capture tourists”.

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