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ADB funds Smart Energy Meters pilot project

Officials from CEB, KEPCO Korea, LS Industrial Co Ltd and, LEIS Co Ltd, Korea in Colombo
Officials from CEB, KEPCO Korea, LS Industrial Co Ltd and, LEIS Co Ltd, Korea in Colombo

Lankan domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electricity consumers would have multipurpose Smart Energy Meters installed soon, as a part of the modernization program that is been undertaken by both the CEB. The project is funded through a grant from the Asian Development Bank.

Multipurpose Smart Energy Meters would enable consumers to save electricity as they would be able to judge peak times.

“In addition for the first time, the consumers would also be able to pay online and also to see a breakdown of their bill,” said Deputy General Manager CEB, Eng. Ronald Comester.

He said that the CEB is already implementing this system in the Katunayake area, involving 500 households and it has been a success.

The total investment for this system is Rs. 19 million. Under the second stage, we would extend this pilot project to the Dehiwela area where 50,000 users would be linked. This too would be funded by the ADB.

Now the Western Province would be converted and it would spread throughout Sri Lanka. He however said that the entire project would take about 10 years to complete as the relevant infrastructure had to be introduced.

He said that Sri Lanka is far behind in implementing this system as already there around 20 million Smart Energy Meters are installed in New Delhi.

Senior Manager KEPCO Korea DongSu Jeong who is a part of a consortium implementing this pilot project, said that for the first item in the region, consumers would also be able to link the electrify meter to the mobile phone and go even to the extent of knocking off power at home from the mobile from anywhere in the world!” He said the Meter could also be connected to a TV and other IOT devices. He said they are a company 100 years old and are engaged in several other ventures of this nature throughout the world.

The other three companies in the consortium involved in their pilot project are Electro Metal Pressings (PVT) Ltd., LEIS Co. Ltd., Korea and Nuri Telecom Ltd. LECO too is initiating this program and they too are doing a pilot project in Negombo, involving 500 customers.


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