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The zenith of mind’s power

Sri Lanka Singapore Friendship College Weeraketiya

In this world, challenges are legion and never-ending and Head Girl of Sri Lanka Singapore Friendship College Weeraketiya, Changa Liyanaarachchi is always optimistic. Perfect Prefects features Liyanaarachchi who understands that one’s zenith is a state of mind. Be confident enough to stand alone says Liyanaarachchi to the youth of the nation. You need to have the courage to make tough decisions and have a kind heart to listen to the needs of others. Above all, she says that the youth can translate vision into reality. So they need to work hard and be good leaders.

“The first thing I have to tell the younger generation is to trust themselves. Sometimes you spend your entire life telling yourself you can’t do it. But most often you can if you try. Take, for example, world-famous Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps. He says he had so many failures along the way to success but he did not give up. He tried his best until he achieved his target. So mistakes and failures are part of our life. Learn from them and keep going. I draw inspiration from many leaders. I very much admire ex-Captain Kumar Sangakkara. He is a real leader by word and deed. Being a leader who can read others’ whims and fancies is not an easy task. He was very good at ascertaining the human character and led his team to its zenith. Furthermore, I highly appreciate Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He had devotion, vision and passion. According to him “Difficulties help you enjoy success” So let’s sacrifice our today so that we can have a better tomorrow,” explained Liyanaarachchi.

Hard and diligent

Her sheer hard work and dedication have enabled her to become the competent leader she is today and she has served the school whenever possible. She understands that if you work hard and diligently one day you will certainly reap your reward.

“Studying while playing the role of a head prefect is not an easy task. As a student, I have to think of my studies as well. However, I must fulfil my responsibilities as head prefect. So, I have to balance everything. The proper management of everything is the secret behind handling my pressure. So you need to handle things intelligently. That helps you handle the pressure. I also focus on solutions instead of problems. I welcome every problem as a learning experience. I am always optimistic. Also, I have the support of my parents, teachers and friends who help me a lot,” added Liyanaarachchi.

The spirit of her board of prefects is also a plus point for her. They are a good and cooperative team. Since the unit runs very smoothly it is very easy to complete any task no matter how challenging. Everyone does their best to make the endeavour a success.

“I assign duties and responsibilities to each of them always planning ahead. I highly believe in time management, and I am very focused and coordinated. I always keep in mind the time factor. This is why I am so good at handling pressure,” said Liyanaarachchi.

Liyanaarachchi strongly believes in the collective power of the youth as a force that can change the world. Saying that a single drop of water leads to create an ocean she believes the youth can take the world in the correct direction.

“You are never too young or too old to create change. The youth too have a responsibility as they need to play their part in making the world a better place. We need to try and change the attitudes of the youth as many of them display selfish and indifferent attitudes. We need to change this mindset. That is the biggest challenge we have on our hands. So I feel that personally, I need to be a role model,” pointed out Liyanaarachchi.

She is a young lady who feels very strongly about protecting nature. That too is an attitude that needs to be inculcated in young minds.

Attitude of indifference

“I love nature very much and I thoroughly believe that we should not cultivate an attitude of indifference towards the natural world. We do so at our own peril. But it is sad to see that today people in society do not feel the need to protect nature. So it is up to us the youth to change this attitude. So I always try my best to change the attitudes of my sisters. If we change the attitudes of the younger generation, then through them we can pass the message to others in society. As a good citizen, I want to build a better eco- friendly environment for the next generation. That is my wish. On the other hand, the declining of morals in society is another problem we battle against. I am very concerned about this as well. We need to live in a more loving and compassionate world,” said Liyanaarachchi.

Stating that every individual must have his or her own ambitions in order to influence the future of our race, she says she has already envisioned her path in life.

“I want to be a doctor specializing in childcare. Apart from this one day, I want to pay the debt of my mother’s breast milk and for the hard work my father had to undergo to feed me. Teachers are the role models of my life and they have gifted me with knowledge. I am where I am because of them. I want to be a good daughter of Sri Lanka and make those who have helped me and loved me happy,” said Liyanaarachchi.

The young lady takes an interest in music and poems. She has a talent for the aesthetics and displays a flair for oratory.

Experimental literature

“From my childhood, I have always had an interest in reading detective stories. I am very much interested in experimental literature and stories which are woven around rural life. This is so I can learn about the customs and rituals of different societies. When I talk of movies I am very much interested in action movies. In addition to that, I like to watch movies which focus on the advancement of modern technology. What I have learnt from my reading and movies is that whatever the changes that take place in society it is up to us to grasp only the good things which do not harm our culture and way of life,” stated Liyanaarachchi.

She confesses that she is here because of so many people. It is difficult to pinpoint one particular person who has contributed to her success.

“From the very beginning, my parents were the backbone of my success. They identified my talents and led me along the correct path. The teachers polished my character. I am indebted to madam principal, my teachers and parents. So, I must honour all of them as the force behind my success.

I am here because of my school. I entered the school as a normal student and blossomed discovering my talents. Present teachers as well as ex-teachers identified my talents and gave me the opportunity to go ahead. The teachers always were there with me. They corrected me and guided me when necessary. They moulded my character,” stated Liyanaarachchi.

Liyanaarachchi finally stated that we need to believe in ourselves. We must be humble to listen to others, give priority to the needs, whims and fancies of others. Always try your level best to make your parents and teachers happy. Never forget the people who were with you in your difficulties. William Shakespeare says ‘new friends maybe poems but old friends are alphabets. Do not forget alphabets, because you will need them to read the poems’.

Whatever others say do the correct thing. Never nod your head to wrong. Do your best, Be happy, Don’t worry.

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