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Farmers along Walawe left Bank under jumbo threat

The lives of nearly 10,000 farmer families in the Walawe left Bank Mahaweli Development zone are under threat due to the wild elephant menace.

Herds of wild elephants living in nearby thickets enter the villages as darkness sets in and destroy banana, papaw and other plantations after feasting on them.

In some instances, wild elephants break into houses and feed on paddy stored by farmers. Four farmers have died of wild elephant attacks during the last few months while marauding elephants have also damaged 12 houses belonging to farmers. Farmers say that elephants have been denied of their habitat in ‘Mal ara’ reserve due to the encroachment of chena cultivators who clear the jungle area for their cultivations.

The worst affected regions are Sooriyawewa, Madunagala, Walsapugala, Bellagaswewa, Katuwewa, Weliwewa, Kaluwara wera and Andarawewa areas.

Farmers urge authorities concerned to resolve this situation by evicting unauthorised persons who have encroached on jungle land to ensure that the elephant habitat is saved from further devastation.

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