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Import tax on big onions cut by Rs. 39

The Cost of Living Committee has decided to reduce the import tax on a kilo of big onions by Rs. 39 with effect from midnight yesterday (October 1) in order to bring relief to consumers, Committee Chairman Agriculture Minister P Harrison said.

The import taxes imposed on big onions had been increased by Rs. 40 in order to protect local farmers.

As a result, the price of one kilo of locally produced big onions had increased up to Rs. 300.

Normally, the import tax is increased at the time of harvesting, but this time the government decided to increase the tax before the start of the big onion cultivation season in order to prevent the import of big onions one month before the harvest.

According to the statistics of the Agriculture Department, around 75 percent of locally produced big onions have already been harvested and with the reduction of the import tax, the price of a kilo of big onions would be reduced by Rs. 50 to Rs. 70, the Minister said.

He further said that the big onion importers would be able to import big onion from countries like Egypt and Pakistan.

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