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‘Ready to perform liver transplants in SL if infrastructure provided’

The world’s most successful and pioneer liver transplant specialist, Professor Mohamed Rela says that he and his medical team are ready to perform liver transplants on patients in Sri Lanka if the Sri Lankan government provides the necessary infrastructure.

Professor Rela said the Sri Lankan Ggvernment should make a formal invitation to him and his medical team under a proper system in that regard.

He said he would be able to launch a successful liver transplant programme here with the assistance of local doctors soon after such an invitation is extended to him by the Sri Lankan government.

Professor Rela was speaking at a meeting of specialist doctors who are treating patients suffering from liver-related diseases held at Shangri-La hotel in Colombo on September 25.

This meeting of specialist doctors was organised by the Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre in Chennai. Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne participated as the chief guest.

Professor further said that Sri Lanka has talented doctors, and therefore, with the assistance of such specialists, he would be able to launch a broad programme to perform liver transplants in Sri Lanka.

Dr Rela is the Professor of the Faculty of Liver Transplants, Kings College, UK.

According to the opinion of international health organisations, the highest number of most successful liver transplants in the world has been performed by Prof. Rela.

A coordinating office of the Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre Hospital was established in Sri Lanka.

“We have been working with Sri Lankan doctors for the last 10 years. Sri Lankan doctors are equally talented to that of their Indian counterparts. That is the major reason for me to decide to work with them. We were able to perform successful liver transplant surgeries on over one hundred Sri Lanka patients who suffered from cirrhosis during the last 10 years,” Professor Rela said.

“Post-treatment is carried out by Sri Lankan doctors. I have been working with a team of the most talented doctors in the world who have been trained in liver transplant surgery by King’s College in UK. It is no secret that the Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre is the only fully-fledged hospital in the Asian region. It has 14 theatres equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a 130-bed ICU.”

“I have performed nearly 5,000 liver transplant surgeries during the three decades of my medical profession. It is a record. I was ambitious to give new life to cirrhosis patients who were haplessly waiting for death.”

“It was an uphill task. However, I achieved the goal and, at the end, it brought new hope to the patients who were dying,” Professor Rela said.

“I and my medical team are ready to help Sri Lanka. The doctors attached to Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre have already launched liver transplant programs in several countries in the world. For an instance, Oman is one such country. A team of our doctors goes to Oman and perform liver transplant surgery. I would like to implement such a long term program in Sri Lanka as well. We will be able to share our knowledge accordingly. Not only that, we will be able to exchange technology. Sri Lankan Government has only one thing to do that is to provide us necessary infrastructure and extend our medical team a formal invitation under a systematic criterion.” Professor Rela further said that his medical team is ready to assist Sri Lanka in performing liver transplant locally in the event the Sri Lankan Government give such an opportunity.

Addressing the gathering, Minister of Health Dr Rajitha Senarathana said he appreciates the service already extended by Professor Mohamed Rela to Sri Lanka. He said liver transplant surgery was launched in Sri Lanka in 2015 and steps have been taken to strengthen the program further.

Deputy Health Minister Faizal Caseem, Liver Transplant specialist surgeon of Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre, India Dr. Gomathy Narasimhan, liver disease specialist Dr. Dinesh Jothimani, liver transplant specialist surgeon, Dr. Naresh Shanmugam, liver transplant specialist surgeon of Sri Lanka Dr. Rohan Siriwardana, hephatologist specialist Dr. Anuradha Dasanayake, Prof. Shaman Rajindrajith, Department of Paediatrics, University of Colombo, and several other doctors were present.

Head of the Sri Lanka Representative Office at Dr. Mohamed Rela Hospital, FMA Riaz and a group of Sri Lankan patients on whom Professor Mohamed Rela performed liver transplants in India also participated.

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