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Last Blood

Old school, yet so horrendous!

The Vietnam War veteran John Rambo… a man loved by the society and greatly misunderstood by the lawmakers is back with a vengeance after decades.

The latest Rambo film sequel ‘Last Blood’ stars Sylvester Stallone of ‘First Blood’ fame once again as John Rambo whose life is challenged by a set of crooks that rot the society.

‘Last Blood’ being a movie that sticks to basics has resemblance to ‘Gran Torino’ made by Clint Eastwood some time back. The film that does away with special effects makes emphasis on real action like it used to be in the good old days, which is again becoming a trend in Hollywood. Thus the film is so nostalgic.

‘Last Blood’ with a simple yet powerful screenplay thus is ‘old school’ but the film would cater to people across generations who would like to see their hero (now more tolerant than before) who fights injustice in his own special way.

However when the furious instinct within him is aroused and Rambo swings into action the ones who confront him get the most dreadful experience in their lives… in fact the last of its kind before their horrible demise. The action sequences are gruesome to keep the audience glued to the cinema.

The film depicts an ageing yet active John Rambo who owns a ranch in Arizona…loves his horses and who tries to build a decent family with his old friend, Maria and her granddaughter, Gabriela.

On Gabriela’s death after getting caught to a Mexican cartel on her trail to find her biological father, Rambo soars into action. When Rambo speaks the words…’I’m gonna hurt you real bad’, he really means it and his fans know it.

The director has been eager to depict the Shell-shocked ego of a hardcore war hero. Old memories trouble Rambo from time to time. Thus he is under medication to keep his worrying mind at bay. But finally Rambo does away with medication and comes to terms with this horrid state of mind to bestow villains with a terrified treat.

It is refreshing to see a mysterious woman called Carmen who happens to be an independent investigative journalist helping Rambo to crush the culprits. Sequences of Rambo and Carmen in the film raise up emotion and empathy.

Hit badly during the final confrontation at his ranch with the cartel members, John Rambo rides his horse and vanishes into the thin air.

Last Blood has managed to bring back the past glory of John Rambo to screen.

In 1982 when ‘First Blood’ was released it became an instant box-office hit. Being a greatly misunderstood individual, John Rambo is a character always relies on himself and his prowess in combat.

‘First Blood’ led to a franchise consisting of four sequels, ‘Last Blood’ being the latest. (More in the pipeline?)

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