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Early detection to fight Breast Cancer





Breast Cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women both globally as well as in Sri Lanka, with annual incidence rates showing a disturbingly high increase. As early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer are important for better outcomes, the importance of increasing awareness and encouraging positive action among Sri Lankan women is vital.

The Asiri Breast Care Centre, located at Asiri Central Hospital, Colombo, has continuously advocated awareness on Breast Cancer, emphasizing the importance of early detection.

Actively promoting self-breast examination and routine screening, the Asiri Breast Care Centre offers a haven through free consultancy for women who have any breast related concerns.

During the initial consultation the doctors at the Centre, discuss all possible risk factors with the patient, conduct a comprehensive examination and recommend mammography and/or ultrasound screening, if no such diagnostic tests have been performed in the recent past and are deemed necessary for any conclusive decisions. In the event of a diagnosis that requires further attention a multi-disciplinary team sits together to decide on and propose the most ideal treatment plan.

“The service is free. They come for consultation where we advise them and work from there,” noted Dr. Himaru Wirithamulla, General Surgeon at the Asiri Breast Care Centre.

Consultants at the Centre urge all women to adopt breast self-exams as a regular healthy habit.

Patients’ who visit the Centre for a mammogramand or ultrasound scan whose results indicate some abnormality, are also invited to meet with the specialists to discuss their reports.

With the hope of promoting health and wellness among women, galvanizing them towards breast cancer awareness and screening, especially for those over 40 years of age, the Centre offers special rates on mammography screening periodically.

The Centre consists of a collaborative team of experienced specialists in surgery, oncology, radiology, pathology, plastic surgery, breast care nurses, dedicated to providing expert screening, diagnosis, disease management, pre-and post-operative care as well as counseling through a multidisciplinary approach. To ensure patients receive the optimum treatment, the team consults together to help decide on the best treatment plan.

“Most breast conditions are not cancerous.. So it is our task to differentiate which is cancer, which is not,” added Dr. Wirithamulla.

The team also has the added advantage of consulting with specialists from the Asiri AOI (American Oncology Institute) Cancer Centre. Asiri AOI’s precision-driven cancer treatment regime is based on best-in-class, collaborative treatment protocols with University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC), one of the leading providers of Oncology treatment in the United States. The collaboration between Asiri and AOI supports the team in providing patients with the most comprehensive cancer care available.

“Why we promote early detection and screening is because when picked up early cure is possible with higher survival rates. We can save lives and save breasts, as though often breasts are removed as part of the treatment, with early attention a patient’s treatment could combine removing of the lump with radiation therapy. Saving the breast helps avoid the emotional and psychological trauma that patients often experience with a complete mastectomy,” he said.

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