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‘Apostolic Diocese’ claims 120,000 members, 600 churches islandwide

An organization named the ‘Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon’ has issued a statement claiming that it is “one of the largest Christian denominations nationally” with adherents to its religionnumbering “over 120,000 members with over 600 churches islandwide”.

The ADC statement adds : “The Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon, takes a strong position to reject the false allegation that NCC has made against one of its prominent churches, WOW Life. The Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon confirms that all the doctrines taught and preached from the pulpit are responsible to and are approved by the governing authority of ADC and the INAD. The ADC and the INAD have bestowed on Rev Kirby De Lanerolle, Chief Overseer, full authority to preach the holy scriptures in accordance with the Holy Bible. This has been followed with responsibility and accountability. “The Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon is a diocese registered in Sri Lanka and comes under the covering of Indian National Apostolic Diocese (INAD), which is the largest government sanctioned Diocese for Free Churches in India with over 11,500 churches to its name. INAD and the Church of South India are the two main Indian registered Diocese among other International ones. It is headed by Bishop Paul T. Maran, who ordained Reverend Dr. Kirby De Lanerolle as Chief Overseer of the Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon in a ceremony held in Colombo in July 2015. The event was graced by the Honourable Prime Minister, Minister of Christian Affairs, Minister of Telecommunications and the then Minister of Children’s affairs.

“The Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon (ADC) is a denomination established in 1991 and its revived mandate aims to establish bishopric governance within the free churches. The ADC currently episcopates over 600 churches establishing the Diocese as one of the largest Christian denominations nationally. As the Independent and autonomous free church movement was growing the necessity for leadership and representation was a national concern. After discussions with the free church community and government leaders, the ADC took the pioneering step to invite already existing independent churches to come under one umbrella.

In July of 2015 under the auspices of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Christian Affairs, The Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon launched its first steps launching the first Diocese for existing free churches nationally. Within the last year alone, the ADC has been training close to 150 free churches to be a part of an Episcopal culture.

It is the only diocese that offers episcopal governance with an institute to train and educate clergy. A part of the ADC vision is to bring back certain episcopal traditions that were lost in the progression of the charismatic revival.”

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