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Medical staff shortage in North-Central Province

Residents of the North-Central Province have been inconvenienced by a shortage of medical staff. According to sources of provincial health services, there has been a dearth of 167 doctors, 170 dentists, 200 nurses, and 250 family health employees in the province.

Furthermore, there is also a shortage of consultant physicians, gynaecologists, and paediatricians at the Padaviya Base Hospital, Kebithigollewa Base Hospital, Medawachchiya Divisional Hospital, the Kahatagasdigiliya Hospital, Kekirawa District Hospital, Hingurakgoda District Hospital, Medirigiriya Base Hospital, and the Welikanda Base Hospital.

A shortage of pharmacists and laboratory technicians has also been reported from the province.

It was learnt that the provincial health authorities have urged the Health Ministry to address the issue immediately.

Meanwhile, there are over 25,000 kidney patients in the province and of them, 600 are patients of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDu).

Of the 86 hospitals in the country, only the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital, Medawachchiya Divisional Hospital, Hingurakgoda District Hospital, and Polonnaruwa General Hospital have dialysis treatment units.

Furthermore, a number of hospitals that have dialysis treatment units are not functioning properly due to the lack trained medical staff as well.

According to reports from provincial health services, there has been a recent spike in cases of dengue, tuberculosis, leprosy, leptospirosis, and leishmaniasis in the North-Central Province.

Nine hundred and thirty-five cases of dengue, 150 cases of leishmaniasis, 760 cases of tuberculosis, and 300 cases of leptospirosis have been recorded last year.

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