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Stray cattle menace in Sammanthurai

In Sammanthurai Pradeshiya Sabha area some stray cattle let loose by the owners, cause destruction to crops raised by the residents in and around the area.

Although, on so many occasions the owners of these animals were requested to keep their cattle tied specially during the day time, the request often fall on deaf ears.

The various subsidiary crops raised by the residents in their home gardens are being eaten and devastated by these stray cattle.

These cattle, specially in Malayadi Kiramam are on the Ampara - Kalmunai main road, eat up all vegetable crops raised by the village communities at big cost..

Often the families owning cultivated home gardens come into conflict with the cattle owners.

These cattle owners pay little or no attention at all when they are warned of the menace caused to the crops.

Home garden cultivators in the locality request the Sammanthurai Pradeshiya Sabha authorities to take some action to put an end to the stray cattle menace.

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