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British Council inaugurates Digital Wall at University of Jaffna

Creating history in the Jaffna peninsula, the British Council launched a new Digital Wall at the Library of the University of Jaffna, Thirunelveli on September 2.

Chief Librarian of the University, Arulanantham warmly welcomed Gill Caldicott, Country Director British Council and the team together with the Competent Authority Emeritus Prof. Kathirkamanathan Kandasamy. Other distinguished invitees attending the event included Deans of the Faculties of Jaffna University, Assistant Librarians of all faculties, President of the Student Union.

The Digital Library Wall represents a highest level of student engagement, transforming education into 21st century digital learning. The Digital Library Wall is a collection of digital books, reports, podcasts and learning apps that can be accessed and used remotely.

It will broaden accessibility of educational opportunities, knowledge sharing and nurturing learning and development in Jaffna through high quality content from the UK.

The Wall installed at the University puts a spotlight on books that changed the world, learning apps including IELTS, assistance to learn English Grammar, the Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge, IELTS tips and preparation help, a poetry corner, reports from British Council, Building resistance to violent extremism, Next Generation, Peace Perceptions Poll, The Role of English in Skills Development in South Asia, Peace & Beyond; Podcasts, Connecting Music, Film and Gaming, In the light of what we write, Tips for working in Radio Today. Importantly, this Digital Library wall will serve as a hub and foster a learning environment helping to build the capacity of teachers, students and youth in the region.

Gill Caldicott, Country Director, British Council said, “Education is changing and the British Council is constantly innovating new solutions to make learning interactive and memorable for students of all ages. As digital technology becomes mainstreamed in education, teachers and other educators are discovering that they need to incorporate digital tools into their curriculum and environment in order to reach and inspire their students. We are excited that our launch of the Digital Library Wall in the University of Jaffna will contribute to building knowledge, love for arts and empowerment of the community.”

Additionally, the British Council Library is a conduit for arts, society and education through links to brilliant UK content in our digital library. This means a wider audience who do not have access to a physical library, can also become beneficiaries. The launch of the Wall has also proven successful in yielding a growing response from other universities and main public libraries, seeking to get involved in the project and collaborate to have one installed in their spaces.

Generating further excitement in the region, the British Council was also part of organised several events including the Jaffna Book Fair and the Jaffna International Cinema Festival. They also organised a session with Ashok Ferrey at their library in Jaffna.

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