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Police probing Horowpothana ‘healing camp’ deaths

The Horowpathana Police has commenced investigations into the two deaths and 18 others being hospitalized during a spiritual healing camp being held on September 07th at the Horowpathana Central College grounds, Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara said.

However, the police say that according to investigations carried out so far, these

deaths are believed to be due to natural causes. Most of these patients are terminally ill persons who had been discharged from various hospitals as there was nothing more that could have been done for them medically. But, as a last resort, these terminally ill patients had been brought to this spiritual healing camp in the hope of a miracle cure.

Hence, the police have so far not found any evidence to suggest that these deaths were deliberately caused by anyone.

The ‘spiritual healing’ camp was held over the weekend in Horowpothana where an estimated 25,000 terminally ill patients and accompanying persons from around the country had gathered into a rural school grounds with the hope of a miraculous healing.

The programme had commenced at around 2.00 pm on the 07th and had been held until around 11.45 am on the 08th. Subsequently, a 39-year-old woman and a 78-year-old man had died during the night.

In addition, seven patients whose condition had worsened had also been admitted to the Horowpathana hospital and discharged after treatment yesterday.

The police believe that the two persons had died was due to their illness taking a turn for the worse.

This had been revealed to the Horowpathana Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman W.M. Charika Udayanga by the Horowpathana Police when he had inquired into what had caused the deaths of the two patients.

Udayanga said that the ‘healing service’ had been organized by a resident of Horowpathana and upon a request made, the Horowpathana Pradeshiya Sabha had taken measures to provide water, security and other basic requirements.

Due to their illness aggravating, 14 invalids were transferred to the Anuradhapura Teaching hospital for further treatment.

Further investigations are being carried out by the Horowpathana Police.

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