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‘FACETS’ sparkles once again

For thousands of years, myths have been woven around the sparkling gems and the beautiful jewellery produced from the soil of Sri Lanka. This year’s edition of the FACETS International Gem and Jewellery Exhibition did more than bring truth to the myths about local precious stones and jewellery, but also stood as a testament against the negative rumors that have spread throughout the globe regarding the safety of Sri Lanka following the unfortunate Easter Sunday tragedy.

Throughout the centuries various travelers, scholars and historians have told tales of the Sapphire Isle, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Ratna Dweepa and Serendib. At FACETS the stunning gems and intricate jewellery that are famously unique to Sri Lanka, took center stage as the most precious resources our little island nation has to offer.

Not merely a glittering symphony of colour, but a brilliant medley of tradition and modern, FACETS showcased the creativity, innovation and passion of the ancient and contemporary gem and jewellery industry of Sri Lanka. From exquisitely crafted gold and silver adornments encrusted with dazzling sapphires, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and garnets, to delicately carved pearl necklaces, to charms and bracelets of semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli, jade, moonstone, jasper and opal, to handmade jewellery made up of recyclable materials, FACETS had something for everyone. Be you an elderly person with vintage tastes, a gentleman looking for something simple and masculine, a lady with an eye for the elaborate or a millennial conscious about environmental preservation, FACETS featured a wide range of breath-taking intricacies to suit every lifestyle, taste and budget.

Lewis Allen, one of the leading buyers of Sri Lankan gemstones visited the exhibition as the guest of honour. Allen, whose gem trading career began in Sri Lanka, is a great admirer of the precious stones and jewellery the country produces, as well as the island itself. Despite the tragic loss of his wife in the Easter Sunday attacks, Allen, like FACETS, stands as an ambassador of peace and positivity in such times of uncertainty. Allen visited a number of stalls at the exhibition and did not withhold his praise of the quality and brilliance of the many exhibits that caught his eye.

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