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Professionals launch development projects in Seruvawila

A new concept model organic farm will be inaugurated on Monday (September 9) in historic Seruvawila under the patronage of the “Sonduru Sihinayaka Urumaya” organisation, which comprises over 50 professionals in various fields. Seruvawila is a remote village battered by the war for 30 years.

The Rs.2 million project will cover eight acres, with six for vegetable cultivation and two for wheat. It will offer an opportunity for farmers in the area to learn more about organic farming, said Dr. Darshana Premaratne, the National Organiser of the Organisation.

“Local farming methods coming from ancient times must be preserved. This is an answer to the overuse of chemicals at every stage of the cultivation process,” Dr. Premaratne said.

This is the latest project initiated by the organisation, which aims to uplift various downtrodden segments of society. It was formed one year ago. Several other projects will also be initiated in and around Seruvawila, including an assistance programme for expectant mothers titled “Gebini Matha Atha Hitha Sarana”. A 100-stident pre-school will also be commenced in Seruvawila.

“We selected eight mothers under the criteria who have given birth to more than three children and are expecting the fourth one. We are hoping to fund Rs.10,000 for the last six months of pregnancy and 6 months after giving birth,” Dr. Premaratne said. For one pregnant mother the cost is Rs,120,000 and the total cost for the project is Rs. 960,000.

The organisation also has another programme titled “Wedunu Pawula Istharam” which extols the virtues of having more healthy children. The society is enlightened with the idea that children are a resource and they must be valued and cherished. They plan to provide funds for 31 selected parents less than 40 years old who have four or more children.

He said the organisation aims to mould the minds of children in order to make them righteous and peace loving citizens. Mothers are also encouraged to mould their children to become useful citizens. To make this a success the organization has launched a project titled “Pura Manusath Guna Dam Labamu Pinwath Daruwan” .

The project is carried at the Ruwanweli Maha Seya on the first Saturday of every month. “Parents who expect children are gathered in front of the Ruwanweli Maha Seya. We have been doing this since we started the organization. Over 500 parents have phoned as with good results.”

The organisation is also planning to raise awareness on abortions with a view to minimising them. Counseling will also be provided to affected women. Apart from that the organization has a serious of awareness programs to address alcoholism, drawbacks of technology and effects of food patterns.

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