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demonization of Trump

A recent article gave some examples of violent language expressed against white people. A professor in Massachusetts said: “If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, and white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites!” According to reports, the professor received a standing ovation from his class. It is a surprise for us to hear as this happened in President Donald’s state.

Another professor at the University of California said: “The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters—ALL OF THEM—are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.” He posted this on Twitter and was not banned.

Asked how it came to be that white Americans were blamed for fomenting racial hatred when so much racial hatred was directed at white Americans? Who can imagine the fate of a white American who answered: “If you are a black, Hispanic, or Jewish male, you don’t deserve to live” or ALL blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and Muslims “must be eradicated from society”?

These are legitimate questions. Answers depend on religious-political ideology. I include religions as some of them insist humans are one and equals. In general, White people are the ones against whom the violent language is directed, but somehow those who are demonized are alleged to be the ones preaching. Karl Marx said in spite of religious norms that there is no real goodwill, only class interests. Truth is what serves the class interest. As there is no goodwill between the classes, violence alone is the mediator if not there is socialist humanism based on an original feminist commune; Lenin said the same but for him, the defeat of bourgeoisie is an assimilation process ultimately re-creating feminist commune.

Stalin practised this doctrine in the negative as did Mao and Pol-Pot. The resulting reactionary dictatorships and cruel deaths were enormous. Of course today we still have Marxism; some in the west say only race and gender interests have taken the place of class interests. It often seems that the race hatred expressed against white people and the gender hatred expressed by radical feminists against heterosexual white men exceeds the class hatred expressed against the bourgeoisie.

American fascism

In the recent past, I have observed and explained, from time to time, the rise in American fascism and decline in liberalism. However socialist voice has increased and women have drawn attention to American fascism with strong campaigns. Feminists men have added power to women agitators.

Five leading women challenging president has an emotional attraction too. However, it is incorrect to reduce the rise of fascism to ignorance among American workers. Some say that ‘utterly ignorant Americans have no problem believing that they know more than experts they belittle, demonstrating all the while that they have no understanding of what the expert has written’.

Thus knowledge has been entrusted to the intelligentsia. This view is based on the belief that a rational logical study of socio-economic data will produce the truth and masses should listen to the explanation given by such educated teachers.

Apparently ‘emotional responses are gradually crowding out the fact and evidence-based on reason. Truth is losing its connection to objectivity and is becoming agenda based. If it serves the agenda, and agendas are increasingly emotion-based, it is the truth. Many can no longer comprehend the content of what they read. Words become like a bullfighter’s red cape.

They set off emotions, not thought. Depending on how people have been programmed by their education, indoctrination, and value inculcation, they have emotive responses. One consequence is that the discussion is replaced by denunciation.’ There is truth in this explanation but not the whole truth. We have to challenge this explanation as based on the mistaken idea that truth is the result of rational logical study as opposed to emotional pressures. The logical study is necessary but logical application as such does not give a complete solution to socio-economic or political problems.

From the time of the Buddha, intellectuals explained that logic is an incomplete tool, for study humanistic problems that connected to continuous change; and such change is explosive time to time.

In addition to the simple application of logic, in such dynamic phenomena the rule of- negation of the negation- should be utilized. The Buddha suggested uthpatha, thithi, banga rule to be used in addition to logic to arrive at the truth. We have to remember that logical analysis is either in-complete or inconsistent at the end.

Hate speech

Yet even I was stunned by the instantaneous universal demonization of Trump and the American people who elected him as “racist white supremacists” by the entirety of the US media, Democratic Party, and American liberal/progressive left.

The catalyst for this launching of hate speech against the American white population was a mass shooting in El Paso. As the shooter had shot immigrants, Trump and those who elected him were blamed because Trump’s attempt to control US borders in accordance with US law, instead of removing it by the help of Congress, which is his duty, allegedly inspired the shooter. Even though the shooter stated in his explanation that Trump had nothing to do with it, progressives blame whites and Trump. Some say that is a racist attack from the side of progressives.

I was struck by the gravity of border problem and how easy was for the oppressed to lay the blame on Trump and the American electorate for a shooting incident. It reminded me of how Tamils were in 1983 were accused of financial and economic control of Colombo, real or alleged. It made anybody wonder what the future of white Americans and Europeans would be in the long run if they are continually demonized, as they shrink as a percentage of the population.

If people are so powerless that they lose their countries, how do they retain their lives? Maybe, this kind of thinking led the Lankan Tamils to sacrifice immensely for a separate existence in Tamil land?


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