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Body fluids in art

Is blood better than paint? Painting blood on artworks or blood dripping from a figure might be an image of symbolism. Using your own blood to create an art work might sound icky but Sameera Shakya says it has a deeper meaning.

Blood animates the veins of the living and stands for sacrificial letting and can connect us with the sacred. Some cultures drenched the earth with ritualistic blood shedding and some religions hold blood to be scared. Apart from its religious Artists use blood in their work to physicalize its stakes and to add to its aura.

“For me blood is connected with humanity. Blood gives a painting worthiness and it offers respect. I started off painting with water colours and other paint at first. I experienced pain in life and one day it occurred to me that I should pain in blood. As an experiment I first painted the picture of H. R. Jothipala. Then I did the art work of Vijaya Kumaratunga. My latest picture is of Lasith Malinga. What I want to do is give them the due respect for what they have done to our country and society. All of them are legends,” Shakya said.

However there’s something risky about using blood. “I take time during the paintings as I am concerned about my health. Lasith Malinga’s art work was done after a lapse of two and half years. You cannot do blood art works soon after another,” explained Shakya.

Born in Siyambalanduwa in Monaragala District, Shakya has mastered painting on his own. “This is something novel in our country. Earlier artists in Europe have done sketches using blood. It is not so popular here in our country and some look with disgust and others think I am off my mind. But I want people to look at the worth the person on the art work receives when done with blood. It connects the painting to the very soul. It has a deeper meaning,” Shakya pointed out.

Shakya adds that some people criticize his work and they cannot accept it. “They look at it with a feeling of gross but I want to change that attitude. However whether it is a good or a bad feedback I like to hear from people what they think about my paintings. I like to learn how they see my artworks. Then I can approach the next step.” He said. (RA)

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