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Abans protects environment with LG Inverter air conditioners

Due to the subtle changes in our atmosphere caused by anthropogenic climate change, temperatures have been on a record rise across the globe.

It is projected that this would result in increased wildlife extinction around the world.

Areas such as Sri Lanka will be estimated to be too hot for human existence by the end of this century. To combat this record heat, we have been relying on air conditioners. However, conventional air conditioners are deemed to be heavy energy consumers, which again contribute to the accelerated warming of our planet.

With the launch of the green LG Inverter Air Conditioner in Sri Lanka, Abans is making strong steps towards ensuring a greener future for the next generation.

Each LG R32 Inverter Air Conditioner possesses R32 refrigerant, a revolutionary green refrigerant.R32 refrigerant serves as an eco-friendly substitute for R410a gas commonly included in other brands. R32’s global-warming potential is one-third compared to R410a gas, coming with the added benefit of emitting absolutely no ozone-depleting substances into the atmosphere.

R32 also enhances the system efficiency of your LG Inverter Air Conditioner, which in turn reduces energy consumption and makes the unit more durable.

R32 refrigerant is not the only innovative aspect of these air conditioners. LG InverterAir Conditioners now come with SmartThinQ, a unique Wi-Fi technology that allows you to operate your air conditioner from anywhere at anytime.

Concerned about your air conditionerexperiencing corrosion and rust? LG resolves these issues with the revolutionary inclusion of Black Ocean Protection, which coats the LG Inverter Air Conditioner.

Other incredible features encompass the Dual Inverter Compressor which saves electricity up to 70% as well as the Active 4-step Energy Control that adjusts the cooling produced by the air conditioner according to the number of people and the level of activity in the room.

Representing Abans’ overall objective of promoting sustainability in Sri Lanka, a portion of the proceeds from LG R32 Inverter Air Conditioners will be contributed towards the Company’s ongoing tree replanting CSR initiative.

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