Team Kidney Prize for Life
Team Kidney Prize for Life

Youth are shaping the future in healthcare, education, technology, food security and more across the world today. Their ideas are transforming communities and societies. They are the elements which drive positive change in all sectors of the society and transform the future into a better tomorrow.

Global Social Leaders’ World Summit provides the youth with a platform to change the world for the better through social action a personal development. These transformational leadership experiences are hosted at Wellington College, United Kingdom, and allows the participants to discover who they are as leaders, tap into and share their passions for social change and meet young people from across the world, forming new and lasting connections.

Atctivity Time
The Oxford University Visit

Eleven students from Lyceum International School, Kurunegala and Anuradahapura, represented Sri Lanka at this year’s event. Not only did these Lyceumers share their ideas about their future plans to develop their motherland but the Lyceum Kurunegala GSL Team project, ‘Kidney: Prize for Life’, won the Junior Standout Award at the GSL Goals Competition. Around 848 teams from 86 countries took part in the competition which was aimed at creating a positive social change in their communities.

Those living in the dry zone of Sri Lanka have been suffering from kidney and urinary related diseases for years. A majority of the civilians in this area visit provincial hospitals monthly for regular medical treatments such as dialysis and oral medicine where dialysis is almost considered impossible due to the its cost effectiveness. Only a selected number of patients receive this treatment based on the severity of the condition. The rest of the patients face a lot of hardships to obtain the necessary medication.

These difficulties were noted by the Kurunegala Lyceumers. They decided to base their project in a meaningful way to serve the community in Ipalogama.

“We got to know that the Ipalogama villagers and the students of the Ipalogama Junior School have no clean water to drink. So we donated a water purification unit and planted 1500 of selected species of plants that purify water naturally. We initiated a number of fundraising activities like holding ice cream stalls, popcorn stalls, a movie fiesta, and selling stickers to raise the money needed for the project. Teamwork, dedication, and determination helped us to develop the project. Teamwork really does make dream work!” GSLWS team member Arindi Jayasinghe enthused.

Apart from Arindi, Methlini Periyapperuma, Nehara Ranasinghe, Senooka Somarathna, Indumina Avinash Weerasinghe, Sneha Wickramasinghe, Risindi Herath , Addhya Manimaran, Adam Keshara, Jeethwara Jayathilaka and Thewanma Wijayasiri attended GSLWS 2019.

Methlini, a grade six student of Lyceum Kurunegala, said that the biggest challenge that they had to face was collecting the necessary funds to power ‘Kidney: Prize for Life’.

“Plastic consumption continues to be on the raise throughout the years. We recognized the danger in this and organized ‘Kidney: Prize for life walk’ which took place on March 10. We collected glass and plastic in a selected area and sold the waste to the Municipal Council for recycling,” she elaborated.

Speaking about the other GSLWS projects which caught her attention Arindi said that she fund the Zimbabwe team project enticing because of its unique theme. However she said that though it was an out-of-the-box concept, she believed that the fact that they haven’t focused properly on the positive and negative effects of the project earned them less points.

Addhya, a grade nine student of Lyceum Anuradhapura, said that she got to know that she would be taking part in GSLWS 2019 through her Speech and Drama teacher, Shermila Sanjeewani.

“I felt a mixture of elation and dread when I got the news but my dad convinced me by driving away any doubts. I was soon daydreaming about the event and thanks to my school, - my dream came true!” Addhya expressed with a smile.

GSLWS was full of memorable incidents for Avinash. He said that the highlight of the whole event for him was the tour to London.

Working out with the team

“It was the first time that I have been in a strange city like that. We saw so many new places like the Oxford University Complex, the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye etc. This was a great opportunity for young children like us to develop our social skills. I also learnt things like leadership qualities, punctuality, and how to associate with different people with different cultures, religions and languages at the event. This programme empowered me to create a better future for myself,” he said.

The group had to take part in a number of group discussions, activities, team building programmes and out bound ventures.

Working out with the team
Katy Granvil , Founder Chairperson of Welligton Leadership and Coaching Institiute and Deputy Head of Welligton Collage handing over the Junior Outstanding Award to Lyceum Kurunegala

“We always helped out and learnt from each other. Therefore we were able to have a better mutual understanding among the team even more than the days we were working together in our project. We also made a lot of new friends from the other countries and were able to learn about their traditions, social aspects and cultures. We shared the traditional sweets which we took from Sri Lanka with them. They simply loved them,” Methlini revealed adding that she was able to enhance her communication skills because of the interactive platform supplied at the summit.

Queried on why he would encourage other youth to take part in the event, Avinash noted that the summit boosted his leadership and team working skills. Therefore he would not think twice about encouraging other youth to take part in GSLWS.

Arindi adds, “Competitions of this nature are life changers. They give students the opportunity to engaging in activities related to social change on a global scale. You are moulded into a global change maker if you take part in competitions like GSL Goals. Plus your country too will benefit economically because we will be forming bonds with students from across the world and would be able to seek their help for certain matters in the future.”

“We got a warm welcome from the other participants. They were eager to become our friends and thanks to GSLWS I have friends from around 20 nations. We exchange many ideas and I am able to glean so much knowledge about the world outside Sri Lanka. We were also able to pass along a positive impression about our country to the whole world by promoting our values, traditions, humanitarian qualities and tourism. All this would not have been possible without the GSLWS,” Addhya summed up.

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