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Adjournment motion an Opposition ruse - Eran

Minister Eran Wickramaratne said that it seems like there is a connection between the letter sent to the Speaker by Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa requesting that the People’s Bank Amendment Bill be presented at a later date after being taken up for debate and today’s adjournment motion.

“We have no desire to do anything hurriedly, so we agreed to delay the People’s Bank Amendment Bill.

 However, there seems to be a connection between the request by the Opposition Leader and the adjournment motion moved today. It is a ruse by the Opposition for more time to sling mud,” Minister Wickramaratne noted.

“They talk about misappropriation of funds. When you talk about misappropriation of funds there are certain factors that should be considered and certain steps that have to be followed. Generally, if there is such an allegation either the Auditor General should have given a report claiming that there are such issues or it should have been discussed either at COPE or COPA committees and they should have issued a report. . At least there should be an audit report indicative that there is an issue. However, this motion is not based on any such report. They have just brought a paper article written by some reporter and have moved this adjournment motion wasting the time and money of the country on this futile exercise. This matter has not been discussed in parliament, there are no charges and this has not even been reported to the COPE or COPA Committee.”

The Minister said that after the Presidential election a new political culture would be established in this country. A new political generation needs to take over the country, he said, vowing that this change will be made.

He pointed out that the Opposition talk of Rs. 3.3 million being used from the Central Cultural Fund, but this money has been used for the construction and renovation of several religious sites.


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