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Disrupt Asia to focus on augmented living

‘Disrupt Asia 2019’, Sri Lanka’s premier startup conference and innovation festival which is also known as the premier Disruption conference in South Asia will be held for the fourth consecutive year on October 12 at the Nelum Pokuna Theatre.

Addressing the launch of ‘Disrupt Asia 2019’ on Tuesday Chairman ICTA, Prof Rohan Samarajiva said, “These days there are innovations happening in all areas; be it with food, be it with transport, be it with something else has something to do with ICT.”

Prof. Samarajiva said in the past the conference had facilitated the growth of Sri Lankan startups into international markets. He cited examples in Bangladesh and India in the innovative financing and in investments.

He called on people to realize that technology made their lives better.

“Think of how you navigate the City today and how you use a map application. It will make the navigation of the city a little better than going by memory. There are new shortcuts that I never knew existed.”

The applications of augmented technology are particularly fruitful for the differently-abled. Prof. Samarajiva works on assistive technology for visually and hearing-impaired people. “Using the magic of the smartphone, augmentation is not theoretical. Augmentation is very simple. Imagine being hearing impaired. All you have to do is to activate Google Transcribe on your phone and hold it up.”

Prof. Samarajiva called on people to test the translation and transcribing services offered by Google and facilitated by the Cloud. The technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) and gets better with usage and is available in Sinhala and can be used for real-time cross translation. “The more people use it the better it will get.”

The event will take place from 2 pm to 11 pm and have multiple panel discussions. Topics include; Travel Tech: Travel Smart, Platforms Disrupting Asia, Shaping Cities Through Innovation, The Art of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Go Global: Strategies for Emerging Markets. The event will also support Digital Art with installations.

The event also will host a Startup Battle. Co-host of Rise-the Web Summit’s Asia Conference, Casey Lau will make the keynote address at the event. He is the organizer behind the largest technology conference in the region. Amarit Charenphan who is the chairman of the largest co-working space in Thailand and co-founder of Techsauce will also speak.

Global accelerators will be present at the event and winners of previous iterations of the startup battle were given the opportunity to present their business in Oslo to potential investors. The exhibition last year had 23 startups showing their offering. The website for the event is now live.

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