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To provide convenient access to information through a professional platform

The Responsible Citizen to fight fake news; build socially conscious nation

The Responsible Citizen is an organisation that aims to facilitate easier access to information by providing a platform for experts in various fields - ranging from lawyers to health care professionals - to provide essential information for concerned citizens. During 10-20-minute bitesize episodes, guests will be asked questions on a topic relevant to their field of expertise. Each episode will cover one topic and feature 1-2 guests maximum.

The Responsible Citizen has partnered with for the recording and production of these episodes.

In the aftermath of the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka that killed over 250 people, social media was blocked and a state of emergency was declared. Access to crucial and credible information appeared to be limited. The Responsible Citizen was founded in this context by a group of concerned citizens, with the aim of facilitating access to information. Members of our team have backgrounds in business development and strategy, digital marketing, and political science.

The themes that will be covered in the first few episodes will relate to responding to the tragedy, such as how to verify if news articles are credible, what the emergency regulations means for our daily lives, tips for emergency response and bystander intervention, and where to be find psychosocial support. In the long term we aim to cover sociopolitical and cultural topics including but not limited to: voter education, health and well-being, banking and finance.

In order to ensure such information are as widely accessible as possible, The Responsible Citizen will aim to translate and record each episode in Sinhala and Tamil as well.

In the long-term, The Responsible Citizen will remain a non-partisan, not-for-profit a platform disseminating information on various sociopolitical issues with the aim of contributing to a more well-informed and socially conscious society in Sri Lanka.

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