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Portraits of human flavour

Henry Rajakaruna
Henry Rajakaruna

Henry Rajakaruna hosts his eighth solo exhibition ‘Another World Unveiled’ from September 7 to 9 at the JDA Perera Gallery. The exhibition will be unique in its construct, in that it will showcase three separate genres of Rajakaruna’s expert photography. This exhibition will focus on portraits of humanity by bringing in flavours of street photography, photo stories and essays as well as the Art of Blur. He intends to showcase an evolution of his own style of photographic art since his first exhibition two decades ago, whilst bringing in a more global context to the moments he had captured.

His aspiration is that visitors to the exhibition will have an opportunity to savour artistic moments from different parts of the world, allowing them to transcend across several cultures to appreciate the lives and moments captured through his own lenses over the years.

Rajakaruna has held seven solo exhibitions successfully with different themes. He will be the first Sri Lankan photographer to hold eight solo photography exhibitions. Apparently, Rajakaruna holds a record for organizing different kinds of the exhibition. This is the first time in the world that a single artist hosts three different photographic exhibitions in one location under different themes.

Rajakaruna is actively involved in the photography field and shares his knowledge that he has gathered over the years with amateur and professional photographers as well as institutes and academies. He works with the corporate sector on different levels as well as relevant government organizations.

He even renders services to some of the key photographic associations in Sri Lanka in an advisory capacity and many times he has served on panels to judge local and international competitions. His unique style of photography has gained a significant following locally and internationally

Has he managed to move with the times and the generations when it comes to the art of photography?

“I have successfully managed to keep up with the changes taking place in the industry in terms of craft and technology as well as in the medium of communication (web/Facebook/ Instagram/WhatsApp/Viber) in order to be in touch with my followers who are mostly many generations younger to me.”

Rajakaruna had the distinct privilege of displaying his work across approximately 35 countries, winning several internationally acclaimed awards and honours. Something very special was the Master Photographer Internationale De L’Art - Photographique (MFIAP) which he was conferred in 2013 in recognition of my photographic fetes. His passion and commitment to photography have brought him many accolades from all over the world.

“But I would like to focus on the Master Photographer Internationale De L’Art - Photographique (MFIAP) because I am the only Sri Lankan to receive as well just one among a handful in the world. It was not an easy task because I’m sure the selection criteria is very strict. As far as I know, I think only around 154 photographers in the world have received this honour which is bestowed on a person for certain unique qualities they would display in their work. As I have mentioned some of the work, I do is quite different in comparison to general photography and these skills get recognized at different levels.”

He was felicitated by the Photographic Federation of Sri Lanka in appreciation of service rendered and in commemoration of the 50th year in the field of photography. This occasion also marked the release of a publication by the Federation which was a compilation of the life and photographic artistry.


Recognition for Rajakaruna

CHAYARUPA ABHIMANI – 2018 which is a lifetime felicitation award presented by the State for service rendered to the nation in the upliftment of photography

SUWADAPADMA GOLD - 2016, an honorary title awarded in recognition of immense and noble service rendered to the field of photography

KALABUSHANA– 2013, in appreciation of excellent service rendered to the development of photography in Sri Lanka. Awarded by the Department of Cultural Affairs (Ministry of Culture and the Arts)

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