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Silver sans prestige

Piyal is the only child resident near a provincial courthouse. During his student days, he had observed how legal professionals attend the courts in immaculately maintained limousines.

This generated in him an ambition to be a lawyer. With much effort, he entered the law faculty and realised his life-long ambition. After passing out from the Law College and taking oaths as a lawyer he started his practice as a lawyer in the nearby courts.

On the very first day, he attended the magistrate’s courts there and observed the proceedings as a trainee lawyer. So he continued to attend the same court to learn the ABC of legal practice on his own without working under a senior. Slowly he picked up his practice.

In due course, he got acquainted with a fair number of colleagues in the bar. All these days he had observed always a lady lawyer and a senior seated at the bar table together. This caused him to assume them to be spouses. To verify this assumption he inquired that fact from a senior colleague. He said both of them are married to others but in the courts, they behave in that fashion and he too made that wrong assumption and got to know it otherwise.

Piyal fictitiously named them as Shelly and Rithma one day, when he was approaching the court in the morning met a new lady lawyer by the name of Mrs Greeny. When inquired under what senior does she work, she told him that she was practising in Mrs Rithma’s chamber.

After a certain period, Piyal saw that Mrs Greeny is not in Mrs Rithma’s chamber but an office close to Shelly’s. The talk of the bar is Shelly has started a togetherness with Mrs Greeny too. One day Mrs Rithma and Mrs Greeny were fighting over a complicit of interest concerning Shelly. See the shamelessness of them. They become blind in the clamour for money.

The reality in the profession getting exposed day by day although Piyal tempted to be a lawyer seeing the superficialities of the legal profession.

After a time one Mrs Blue Saphire who was working under a senior counsel being chased away by the counsel’s lawyer wife entered Shelly’s chamber becoming his next catch.

Piyal himself got into thinking as to why the lady lawyers become the prey of seniors like this. It is because these days it is very difficult to earn like this practising law. There is no difference between drug dealers and lawyers who practice this made. They can earn quick that way than in the practice of law.

One young colleague of Piyal who was a student of Shelly’s teacher wife, after taking oaths he had gone to meet his former teacher to get her blessings. In that instant, she was very happy to know about his achievement. But commented on him not to be a vulgar type like the hubby of hers that was the image of him in her.

Unfortunately, this Shelly who served so many lady colleagues passed away. On the funeral day, the priest who gave a funeral oration was very appreciative of his religious commitments for the sasana, to whitewash the bad side of his life. Piyal nourished doubts if it is the role of priests.

At the funeral, Piyal got to know of his sisters; one was dead, another unmarried still unmarried at home. Piyal himself was thinking as to why their brother who had so much craving to enjoy sex did not think they too have a need and a right for that to give them in marriage.

Law is to regulate conduct. The lawyers are part-players of that regulatory process.

Would the silver earned by the victims of his bad behaviour, compensate the peace and prestige with the physical assets they earned with that mode.

This is a very old profession. Does the study of law need for them to practice it. What cultural degradation has taken place in the rat-race for money.

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