Millionaires fleece national income while majority lacks livelihoods – Sajith | Daily News


Millionaires fleece national income while majority lacks livelihoods – Sajith

The largest share of the national income that the country receives as its economy improves goes to millionaires here, said Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Minister Sajith Premadasa.

The Minister was addressing the gathering after vesting the Hasthirajagama model village in Devalegama, Mulitiyana, Matara with the public on September 2.

Hasthirajagama is the 271st model village built under the Semata Sevena programme of the government.

He said that when he was entrusted with the ministry, it has zero information about the burning housing issue of the country. “So, a survey was conducted and found that of the 6.1 million families, about 2.5 million families do not have permanent houses. Our target is to provide houses for each and everyone by 2025,” the Minister said.

He said condominiums will be built in the future since lands are unavailable to build single housing units.

“Many politicians express numerous ideas and issue various statements in view of elections. Everyone is ready to do anything to gain power. We, however, set an example for them by completing the first phase of the Semata Sevana programme,” well before the set target date, the Minister said.

He said the majority is waiting for the development of the country. They are vigilant about the direction that the country goes and its political destination. “A high number of the people expect genuine efforts from rulers in developing the country,” he said.

He said he believed that only an economy in which everyone is a partner can develop the motherland. “You have seen many systems of economy initiated by the previous government. A majority have been severely affected with such initiatives. When we visit remote areas, we hear their lamentations,” the Minister said.

“It is futile to talk about economic development incessantly. Talking about statistics does not give any results. People, neither urban nor rural, understand them. He said that many decades, it was told that the rate of the economic development in the country has been 5 per cent and again told, it was now 6 per cent or 7 per cent and that we have to make it 8 per cent in the next five years.

“But no one understands this economic development. They do not feel it because they are in the same economic level that they were in decades ago. Therefore, this development has many issues and differences. As the economy develops, the people must have opportunities to increase their income. Otherwise, there is no point saying that the country has 7 per cent economy rate,” the Minister said.

He said that only solution lies in an economy shared by people - a people’s oriented and people-centered economy. “Politicians can change the system that the country experiences now. They must identify the economic differences and inadequacies. Thereafter, they must directly participate in changing those spheres,” he said.

The minister pointed out the importance of conducting a survey to identify the living standards of the entire population. “Thereafter, a sustainable economic plan must be formulated which aims at developing every family of the country,” the Minister said.


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