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[APPRECIATIONS - (02-09-2019)]

Victoreen Marina Hassan

She was inspiring and strong

It is with profound sadness that I write about my loving wife, Victoreen Marina Hassan. We got married on October 8, 1968, and spent a happy and peaceful life for almost 40 long years. She passed away peacefully on August 25, 2008, following a brief illness. Now, 11 years have passed, and I am left alone.

Victoreen was loving and caring and was my only consolation—the greatest blessing in my life. She placed gold on my finger and brought love like I had never known; she gave life to my children and, when I needed hope and inspiration, she was always strong.

The day I first held her and the days I kissed her sweet face are precious memories time cannot erase. Every step of the way, we walked together, side by side. These special memories always bring a smile to my face. Victoreen walks beside me everyday, unseen, unheard; she is always by my side, guiding and protecting me—still loved, still missed, and very dear. Even though you are no longer with me, and even though it hurts; you are forever in my heart, Vicky; never forgotten, always treasured and cherished.

On your final journey, it broke my heart to walk beside you on that fateful day, and now, you are walking beside me. All that I have are memories and a photo in a frame. I weep in silence, I cry as each lonely hour and day passes by. There is only one thought that eases the pain: that there will come a time when we will be together again—together with the wonderful wife I am proud was mine.

You gave me years of happiness before the sorrow and tears arrived. You left me with beautiful memories I will treasure throughout the years. I pray for you in silence and I hold you close to my heart. You were an ever-loving wife, and your memories will always be with me. You are not forgotten, my love—nor will you ever be; as long as life and memory lasts, you are forever with me.

You were a wife in a million and I cannot understand why you had to go so soon. Your loving smile, your gentle face, no one can fill your vacant space. You’re the wife I loved, and I was proud to be your husband. Every day, in a small way, I celebrate your life. Wherever Victoreen was, I was there for her, always beside her as she was my one and only shining star. I walked beside her, loved and guided her; forever I was, wherever she was, until her untimely death. God’s fingers touched you; you took your last breath, closed your eyes, and slipped away to the land of no pain. He has you in his arms and I have you in my heart.

For all that you have given me throughout the years; your time, your love, your prayers, your patience, caring and sharing; for these and more, I still love you. Finally, thank you, Victoreen, for the wonderful and generous sacrifices you made for me and our children—and thank you for all the care and affection you showered on us.

I remember not what I did for you, but what I was for you and what you were to me. Thank you for loving me and being what you were. Darling, Vicky, our special years will not return when you were with me—when we were together. But with the love within our hearts, you will walk with me forever.

Till we meet again. Sadly missed by your loving husband,

M. Kamil A. Hassan


Margaret Kingsley

Example of humility

It is now four years since you left me lonely, leaving behind sweet memories of our 48 long and lovely years of togetherness as husband and wife. I treasure them all, though it is still painful.

Your life was an inspiration not only to me, but to our children and all those who are near and dear to us. Your simplicity and humility was an example to everyone who came into your life. You came into this world crying, and me, along with many others, cried when you left this world. But you left a rich legacy behind.

These four years without you have been lonely and the burden that is left is beyond words. Our children and grandchildren are the only consolation to me. When seeds fall on the ground, the earth restores them; but in the case of humans, it does not.

Dear Margaret, our memories of you will never fade; you shall always remain in my heart as a source of pride to our family.

Kingsley Durairaj


Soma Wimalasundera

A guiding light

As the month of August draws near,
My heart stings and my mind is a confused
Oh, but why this feeling of emptiness?
And then it dawns on me…
Amma lost her mother at six
Life, then on, was never easy
But she strove hard to become
The strong person we loved but feared
Charming and beautiful
Not seen unless impeccably dressed
Amma never looked
A day older than sixty
Standing by thattha in all his endeavours
She was the guiding light in his life
Whatever obstacles that came their way,
He turned to her for comfort and advice
It is with great appreciation
We remember you, amma
On this second anniversary
And offer thanks to your exemplary life



Ranjith Weeraratne

Man of wisdom

A precious stone that didn’t emanate
Gorgeous colours, but outshone
the glamour of those that did.
Its beauty was not a visual illusion
Akin to the iridescence inside a kaleidoscope
Gained through maneuvering.
But a mild gleam that emerged
Naturally from inner strengths:
Stark simplicity and candour.
The glamour it produced
Unlike that of conventional gems
Pleased not only eye.
But blazed a trail as well
To thousands of students to reach
The wonderful domain of English literature.
Your greatness was not only wisdom,
But your simplicity and quality of
Your good deeds, I am sure,
Will help you reach
The destination you desired: Nirwana.



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