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Fairfirst Insurance introduces mobile screen insurance

Fairfirst Insurance is offering mobile screen insurance to protect your shiny phone surface from an accidental cracked screen or liquid damage.

As an empathetic insurer, we understand the rock-solid relationship everyone has with their phone. At the same time, we also understand the inconvenience a damaged phone screen can have on your day-to-day life.

The mobile phone has become part and parcel of everyday life. However, like how all things break, your phone too can accidentally fall leaving your screen cracked or maybe end up with a soaked display. We understand the shattering feeling that comes with a cracked screen and a steep repair bill. Which is why Fairfirst offers a comprehensive Mobile Screen Insurance, where you are guaranteed a complete peace of mind against accidentally breaking your screen or spilling liquid on it, despite the bullet-proof screen guard. Fairfirst’s comprehensive Mobile Screen Insurance is backed by the support of an experienced in-house customer care team. Furthermore, we also provide you with attractive reasons as to why you should protect your mobile screen with us.

Fairfirst Insurance is about making insurance easy and quick. Therefore, if you decide to obtain a mobile screen policy, it’s as simple as our3-steponline process:

Fairfirst Insurance is part of the Canadian-based Fairfax Group. Fairfax, through its subsidiaries, has an international insurance and reinsurance business with a global underwriting reach, longstanding relationships and a broad product range.

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