‘Mahinda Rajapaksa has acted against SLFP Constitution’ | Daily News


‘Mahinda Rajapaksa has acted against SLFP Constitution’

How can people expect Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa to safeguard the supremacy of the law in the country when he has already breached the SLFP constitution by becoming the leader of the SLPP, formed with his brothers, after being elected to Parliament as a member of the SLFP-led UPFA, asked UNP Chairman Minister Kabir Hashim in a statement issued recently.

The statement added that Mahinda Rajapaksa had furthermore acted against the country’s Constitution and misled the people by naming his brother Gotabaya, a US citizen, who had several court cases against him, as the SLPP Presidential candidate.

Minister Hashim in his statement said the UNP which was one of the oldest political parties in the country would select its Presidential candidate in a democratic manner and announce it to the people soon. This will be done by the through common agreement.

The UNP would put forward a democratic leader who truly loved the motherland. He will be a person who had no charges in courts or before the people. The UNP would nominate a leader acceptable to all religions and communities who honoured all citizens of the country equally. He would have a strong personality capable of safeguarding national security. The UNP Presidential candidate would be an educated, law-abiding person who identified and understood the sufferings of the poor and capable of taking the future generation to the modern world, Minister Hasim said.

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