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Gotabaya Rajapaksa receives blessings in Anuradhapura

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa visited Anuradhapura sacred city on Monday to attend several religious programmes at Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi and Ruwanweli Chethiya.

The Maha Sangha headed by Ruwanweli Chathiyaramadhipathi Ven. Pallegama Hemarathana Nayaka Thera conducted a special Ashirwada pooja at Ruwanweliseya to invoke blessings on Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s victory in the upcoming Presidential election.

Ven. Pallegama Hemarathana Nayaka Thera while delivering an anusasana, said Gotabaya Rajapaksa would work with a determination to protect the country from any disaster as the way he dedicated himself to protecting the country from terrorism. The Nayaka Thera further said that the SLPP Presidential candidate would receive the blessings from Maha Sangha to proceed on the correct path towards the political, social and economic development of the country.

North Central Province Chief Sangha Nayake, Anuradhapura Sri Buddha Jayanthi Viharadhipathi Ven.Nugethanne Pagnanandha Nayaka Thera conducted religious rituals during the programme. Ven. Maha Sangha, Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa and his spouse Shiranthi Rajapaksa, former governors, parliamentarians and members of local government bodies were present on the occasion.


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