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‘Only broad coalition can assure UNP’s win’

“The UNP can win the forthcoming Presidential election only if it faces the hustings under a broad coalition. Anyone who says that it can win the election on its own is only daydreaming,” Transport and Civil AviationMinister Arjuna Ranatunga said.

The Minister was addressing the gathering on the second day of the Sambuddhi Sahithya Cultural Centre programme organised by the Mawrata Organisation at the Yakkala Esala Hotel Auditorium on Sunday.

Minister Ranatunga said some UNP members who argued that the party could win the election single-handed had forgotten the manner in which they won the last Presidential election. Such persons would realise their folly only after facing the defeat by contesting alone.

However, it was up to the UNP to decide on its candidate. The Minister said he had still not decided as to whom he would support at the next Presidential election. He would only support a candidate who had proven capability to perform some good work. He would support a person who can work hard irrespective of the party to which he belonged.

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