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John learnt Arabic for ‘Batla House’

Nikhil Advani’s politically intense Batla House tackles an issue that could spell as much trouble for the director. On 19 September 2008, a group of police personnel stormed into the eponymous Batla House and shot suspected terrorists.

“The debate continues to this day. Were the wrong men killed? I feel, policemen in our country are constantly put on the dock. According to me, a police officer who takes an on-the-spot decision to pull that trigger is no different from a soldier at the border who kills an enemy. Both are doing their jobs according to the best of their abilities. But while a soldier is lauded by the nation, a cop is looked on with suspicion. The word ‘encounter’ itself is a sensationalisation of a sensitive issue,” says Advani who worked with John Abraham at the beginning of his career in ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’. Asian Age

‘Batla House’ will be screening in CEL circuit cinemas from August 15. It will be screening at Majestic Colombo, Colombo City Center and other film halls islandwide


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