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Of muses and melodies

The first ladies
The first ladies

They have unique voices but one passion and one dream. Wondering how to realize the dream they wandered on their own paths, until one day the famous Voice print decided to have their female ensemble. Then they auditioned, were chosen and could not wish for anything better.

They together became `The First Ladies’ and now are ready to make their way to the Srilankan music world. In their first ever interview, they joined Daily News Melodies to reveal their story.

`The First Ladies’ are a versatile, all-female vocal group that performs in various genres, languages and styles including acapella music. The group consists of five members who are each completely different to one another but has come together to offer something unique and special to the Music Biz.

Ruvini Fernando voiced in her thoughts first. “I grew up amidst a home filled with music and a whole bunch of musical instruments. Music is something I liked from small days. I used to record my songs in the cassette player and spent most of my school time in the music room singing in the western and eastern choirs,”

Her passion and interest for acapella music began after listening to Duwende and PTX. For her singing acapella on stage is her one big dream she always hoped to achieve. “Music is the hidden language of my soul,” she said.

Dilmi Fernando is the younger sister of Ruvini. Of course just like her sister she grew up recording songs on the cassette together and listening and singing to tons of ABBA music. She is also a very talented musician and started off with the violin and the saxophone during her school days.

“My eye opening experience in music came after an overseas music scholarship that completely changed my perspective in music and molded me in to being more confident in her vocal capacity. I have taken part in many competitions but being in this group is what I dreamt of. I am really happy to be a part of it,” Dilmi said.

She says that she still remembers seeing voice print perform at a particular event and getting inspired to challenge herself and take up beat boxing. Dilmi is currently a violinist, vocalist, vocal trainer by profession and a talented beat boxer. “Music is what I always wanted to pursue and that is who I am. I strongly feel like I was born to do this. I currently train several international school choirs and my dream is to be a qualified all rounding performing artist,” she added.

Dewakie Kotelawala started singing since she was very small. “When my father used to play ABBA and Boniyem music, I would dance off while singing in the living room for hours. I did not even know the words but would create my own bizarre lyrics and sing my heart out,” she said.

She says she was always a hyperactive kid and still remains the same. One thing she was always positive about was the fact that she wanted to be a performing artist. She was a violinist in her school orchestra at Visakha Vidyalaya and has participated in many competitions and that set the path for her journey in music. She wants to become a complete performing artist that can dance her heart off and sing her soul away and her dream came true as she was chosen for `The First Ladies’.

Mershiya Perera too started singing since she was four years old. She began her musical journey by singing soprano at school choirs at Good Shepherd Convent Panadura and Ave Maria Convent Negombo where she attended later.

“I realized my strength is singing lower notes and developed in that. My passion is rock and metal music. I had a life inspiring voice print moment at her school when Voice Print came to one of the school events as chief guests. That day I got a fire in her to start my own acapella group. I apparently used to force my friends or gather completely random set of students from school and made them practice in secret behind the school hall. I want to record songs in future and when I perform I do it for my father who passed away in 2016. It is for him that I do music,” Mershiya explained.

She has performed with various bands and has recorded her own song with her lyrics and melody `Biya Nowemi Perase’ which can be viewed on her you tube channel. She is an incredibly hardworking person. She is also a die- hard gamer and lives in her own virtual world all the time.

Matheesha Udawatte joins in saying “I have no musical background at all.” She is probably the only person in the group who did not start singing since she was a toddler. On the contrary she comes from a no musical background whatsoever. “Basically no one in both my parent’s families can carry a tune and till today there are constant family arguments to decide which family side gave me my singing gene,” she said.

She says that her heart lies in old Sri Lankan classical and Hindi music. She always believed that she has an old soul and happens to be born in the wrong generation. She taught herself to play the guitar when she was 16 years old cause she wanted to write her own songs. When asked why she is pursuing music she says “music is something that allows me to learn something new. It comes from my heart and is so personal. I love meeting new people and talking and getting to know them. Joining with The First Ladies, I can learn new techniques and ideas and of course I can meet new people,” she explained.

She believes, “Creating music is great, but there is a song hidden in every person and

I would like to find that out!” The First Ladies are trained by Dilan Irugalbandara of Voice Print to whom the ladies are ever grateful. Daily News Melodies wish these talented beautiful ladies all success in their future endeavors.

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