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Annoying India brought us 30-year war – Wijeyadasa

Former Justice Minister UPFA MP Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe speaking in Parliament last Friday (09) pointed out that one time Sri Lanka had developed an animosity with India, as a result of which the country was embroiled in 30 years of war.

Rajapaksa stressed that the House should have paid more attention to the security of the country and heeded his warning about an ISIS threat to Sri Lanka in 2016. “I spoke about this matter with responsibility. They only flocked to accuse me of hallucinating. What harm would have happened if the government appointed a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to look into my statement that day? It took 260 deaths for the government to understand the gravity of my warning. We should realize and accept the fact that we have failed our people,” he said.

Dr.Rajapakshe also reiterated his earlier statement that the Sri Lanka Parliament was one of the most corrupt institutions in the country. “I am saying this in relation to my perspective on policies. We have failed our people and our country in so many ways. The Speaker of the House, a credible and honest person as he is, should not take my point of view personally. Moreover I did not make such a statement with the intention of condemning or humiliating anyone,” Rajapakshe said.

Dr.Rajapakshe also said that the Government, which had brought a progressive election law, destroyed the very concept in order to take political advantage. “Parliament is the fountain of the law. We, as the representatives of our public, should understand their sentiments. Now we are in a situation where we cannot even hold our Provincial Council election. Have we not failed our people?” he questioned.

Speaking on the independent commissions, Dr. Rajapakshe said, “We established an independent police commission. It is like a still birth. Were we able to ensure public security with the Commission? Then we established an independent Election Commission. Can we hold a local government election the least? Then we went ahead with a Bribery and Corruption Commission. What is it doing now? Who looks into bribery allegations leveled against the MPs? Parliament should be held accountable to all these failures.” 

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