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Mechanism sought to deal with errant retailers:

‘Buy fuel cheaper from CEYPETCO’ – Minister

Consumers should purchase their fuel from Ceylon Petroleum Corporation filling stations rather than from the more expensive private sector stations, Highways and Road Development and Petroleum Resources Development Minister Kabir Hashim said in Parliament yesterday.

The Minister made this observation in Parliament yesterday in response to a query made by Opposition member Vasudeva Nanayakkarta on the price of 92 Octane petrol. He queried if the prices of 92 Octane was Rs 8 higher at filling stations operated under a private company compared with those of CEYPETCO and requested that the government should promote the Corporation.

In response, the Minister said that everybody should go to the CEYPETCO filling stations to purchase fuel at a lower price. However , the Minister said that he would take measures to seek a mechanism to respond if the public incurs a loss by the behaviour of the fuel filling stations owners when the prices of fuel is reduced by the government.



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