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‘All eyes on Presidential candidate’

Nowadays, political parties in the country are struggling to select their Presidential candidate. They do not pay attention to the burning issues of the downtrodden masses, All Island Agrarian Federation National Organiser and former Provincial Councillor Namal Karunaratne said.

Speaking at a media briefing held in Atuparayaya, Dambulla, he said that there is no proper vision to the ruling party as well as the main Opposition of the country. Their only aim is to grab power. The public knows the truth that these politicians are clever at deceiving others.

Karunaratne stated that some important facts came to light during the last few days through the Parliament Select Committee.

“The government is responsible for the Easter Sunday bomb blasts. But, without heeding about that, the rulers are passing the ball to others. People should reject such leaders. The farmer population contributes massively to the national income even though the government neglects them. As a result, farmers have to keep away from cultivation activities,” he added.

“The government deceives the entire farmer population. There are farmers who did not receive compensations for cultivation damages and who were not paid for big onion seeds and potatoes bought by the Agriculture Department. Therefore, we will meet the Co-operative Commissioner immediately to get the due payments of the farmers,” he said.

“The government spends public funds to maintain their luxury lives. Several millions had been spent for the functioning of the Samurdi movement. But, Minister Daya Gamage said that it was a simple thing,” Karunaratne said.

“The government plans to increase the allowances of parliamentarians by Rs. 200,000 while people are undergoing many difficulties. So, this government should be rejected by the people,” he observed.

All Island Agrarian Federation member W.M. Thilakarathna, Dambulla Farmer Foundation Chairman Sunil Ranaweera also spoke.


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