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People’s living standards improved under this government’

The government has made a significant progress in improving people’s livelihoods, UNP Kegalle District MP Sujith Sanjaya Perera said

He was speaking at a media conference yesterday at Temple Trees refuting the allegations levelled against the government by the opposition that the people suffer a lot with the high cost of living.

“The government develops all sectors. Our development is not in the media. Many people believe the development stories on the media. Some politicians of the opposition never appreciate what the government has done so far to improve people’s living conditions,” he said.

“The government is taking measures to provide housing facilities. Steps have been taken to reduce the prices of essential goods, fuel, drugs and provide health services to the people. Many programmes including the nearest school best school, the Suraksha insurance coverage for students among others have been set up to develop country’s education. No previous government brought about such a range of development projects,” he said.


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