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Womb infection without discharge in dogs

If the bitch in season the birth canal is open and accept male dogs. After that period the birth canal will get close facilitating pregnancy. If the germs enter the womb can start the infection in the womb that is called as “pyometra”.

Pyometra, (in Greek, pyo means pus and metritis means womb inflammation) is a disease that’s seen more often in unspayed dogs over the age of five but it can occur at a younger age as well.

There can be many causes of pyometra, yet the main one is a combination of hormonal changes that happen within the heat cycle of your dog. Every heat cycle, there’s a natural reduction of white cells from the uterus to allow for safe sperm passage, causing a lapse in protection that can decrease the ability to fight infection. In most dogs, these heat cycles usually occur twice per year.

The discharge of yellowish colour thick and smelly watery or semi solid material from vagina is one of the typical signs of pyometra. But sometimes the opening of the womb to the birth canal can be persisting closed after the “season” of the bitch. In such condition the infection is hidden without showing any clinical sign is called “closed pyometra”. At this stage the inflamed material is collected within the womb without getting excreted outside. The accumulation can be continuing for several months filling the womb bigger and bigger.


There are no obvious signs. But your bitch may show enlargement of the abdomen over a time several months after her “season”. Other than that the bitch may show less appetite, high intake of water in increased frequency, lethargy, inactive, staggering gait due to heavy abdomen, vomiting etc. If the high accumulation of “pus” in the womb course “blasting” of womb within the abdomen the bitch may show signs of coma situation and death due to toxemia.


The best way of getting a clue is the signs that your bitch shows. Most of the veterinary clinics in Sri Lanka have facilities to test blood and scan the pet. Scanning will show the clear picture of pyometra.


In case f closed pyometra the best choice is to surgical removal of the womb which saves the life of your dog. Other than that your vet may recommend the antibiotics to prevent septicemia condition. Dogs diagnosed in the early stage of the disease are very good surgical candidates. The surgery is only slightly more complicated than a routine surgery. However, most dogs are diagnosed when they are quite ill so the surgery is not as routine as the same surgery in a healthy dog. Intravenous fluids are often needed before and after surgery. Antibiotics are also usually required for a period of time after surgery.

Owner’s responsibility

The bitch with the history of “never get pregnant” have high tendency for pyometra. Therefore it is the responsibility of the owner that if you don’t want puppies from your bitch better to neuter her at early stage such as at the age of one year.

Can a dog that has been neutered get pyometra?

Most bitches that have been spayed will not get pyometra. But, if your dog has only had part of her womb removed during neutering or part of the tissue has been left behind, this could become infected. This is called a ‘uterine stump pyometra’ and is very rare.

(The writer is a Veterinary Surgeon and holds B.V.Sc; M.Sc Poultry Science; Master of Public Administration and Management)

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