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Miniature ceramic vases small enough to sit on your fingertip!

Yuta Segawa  with some of  his creations
Yuta Segawa with some of his creations

Hand-throwing perfectly formed vessels on a pottery wheel is an impressive skill in itself, but Japanese ceramicist Yuta Segawa takes the art form a step further by crafting vases in miniature scale.

His growing collection of over 1,000 tiny vessels features an array of tiny, colorful vases - all of which have been made with the same attention to detail as a full-sized piece would.

Segawa first learned how to create ceramics while living in Japan and China, but he developed his skills for miniature pottery while in London. Each individual vase is thrown by hand, and many feature perfectly-formed feet and long, fragile necks. Segawa is not only talented on the potter’s wheel, but he has also developed 500 of his own unique glazes. Arranged and photographed in groups, the artist’s collection of tiny vases showcase an entire rainbow of color and tone.

Segawa chose to miniaturize the traditional craft of ceramics as a way to challenge himself. “Miniature pottery relates to the issue of the relationship between artists’ bodies and their works,” he says in his artist statement. “It is a challenge to test the limits of what a human body can make on such a small scale.”

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