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Southern Expressway has landslide risks at 18 locations

The Southern Expressway, commissioned just eight years ago, is already susceptible to landslide risk and hazards in 18 identified physical locations along its length spanning 133 kilometers, according to Road Development Authority data.

Information obtained from the RDA on the basis of the Right to Information Act (RTI) reveals that at five points along its length, the E-01 expressway has already been affected by landslide events while thirteen other stretches of the expressway are exposed to landslide risks.

RDA data further indicated that it cost the Authority some Rs 490 million to mitigate landslide hazards which occurred along just one section alone of the Southern expressway between Kottawa and Matara.This was to reconstruct two sections of the road damaged by landslide events.

The following are the landslide prone areas to have been identified on the Southern expressway by the Road Development Authority (RDA):

“From Kottawa to Southern Province: 42.5 km to 43 km right side; Kalutara 64.3 km to 64.5 right side; Galle 66.6 km to 67 km right side;

Galle 74.8 km to 75 left side; Galle 76.7 km to 77.2 left side; Galle 77.9 km to 79 km left side; Galle 86.6 km 86.7 km left side; Galle 87.8 km to 88.8 km left side; Galle 89.3km to 89.6 left side; Galle 99.8 to right side; Galle 101.3km to 101.7km right side; Galle 103.7 to 104.1 km right side; Galle 114km to 114.2 km left side –Matara.” RDA Chairman N.R. Sooriyarachchi, however told the Daily News that there are no landslide threats on the Southern expressway. “We are constantly monitoring the safety of the expressway,” he said.

We also asked National Building Research Organization’s (NBRO’s) Risk Management Division chief R.M.S. Bandara about the situation. Bandara said the NBRO had already mitigated landslide problems on the Southern expressway that were identified.

“There are no landslide risks prevailing as per our (NBRO’s) researches conducted so far. I do not know whether some other research organization had carried out a new survey on the expressway,” he added.

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