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Mahanayakes welcome creation of Ladakh as a ‘state’

The Indian Government’s decision to proclaim the ‘Ladakh’ region with a majority Buddhist population as a separate “state” of India is greatly appreciated by Sri Lanka as a Buddhist country, the Mahanayake Theras of the Malwatte and Asgiriya Chapters of the Siyam Nikaya have said in two separate statements issued yesterday.

“This would further strengthen religious, political and cultural relations between the two countries and take them to a higher plane,” the statement added.

The Most Ven.Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Maha Nayake Thera of the Malwatte Chapter in his statement said: “India, which had a pluralistic society, has safeguarded harmony and reconciliation in a salutary manner and its decision to proclaim Ladakh with a 70 percent Buddhist population as a separate state was a cause for happiness and pride to Sri Lanka, which is a Buddhist country”.

The Most Ven. Warakagoda Sri Gnanaratane Mahanayake Thera of the Asgiriya Chapter said he highly appreciated the decision to declare Ladakh as a separate state. This would be a boon to Buddhists throughout the world going on pilgrimage to the Ladakh area.


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