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Microwaveable Rice Cooker from Royal Fernwood Porcelain

Royal Fernwood Porcelain takes pride in introducing a very special line of innovative porcelain-based cookware products to ease your burdens, launched just in time for the holiday season enabling faster and more convenient everyday cooking.

A large-scale manufacturer of high-quality, white and decorated porcelain tableware and figurine ornaments that enjoys a global reputation in the porcelain tableware industry as a reliable supplier to many premium brands, Royal Fernwood Porcelain is a subsidiary of Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC, which is also renowned for its luxurious and elegant porcelain tableware. The first of Royal Fernwood Porcelain’s new cookware line is the cutting-edge Microwave Rice Cooker, an invaluable, easy-to-use and light-weight kitchen helper that allows you to cook rice (even kiribath) in a microwave oven in as little as 10 minutes.

Just add rice and water (and salt and milk or coconut milk, for kiribath), and leave it in the microwave oven for between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the type and quality of rice, and get ready to enjoy a tasty meal.  

Featuring attractive, dainty and elegant designs, while also being hygienic and easy-to-clean thanks to its conformity to the highest of international food safety standards, this product can even go straight from the microwave oven to the dining room table, where it will never look out of place.   

Yoshan Fernando, Chief Executive Officer at Royal Fernwood Porcelain, stated, “Our newest innovation, the Microwave Rice Cooker is a fun and convenient way to make the chore of cooking rice more palatable.”  

Available in Large Size (serving four people) and Medium Size (for two people), Royal Fernwood Porcelain’s superior Microwave Rice Cooker is currently on sale at all Dankotuwa showrooms, namely the Signature showroom at Guildford Crescent, Crescat, Union Place, Kirulapone and in Dankotuwa.  

Royal Fernwoord Porcelain’s new cookware product line is a direct result of the culture of innovation and excellence inherent in the Ambeon Group. “A member of the Ambeon Group, Royal Fernwood Porcelain follows youthful, non-traditional trends being at the forefront of its industry,” said Murali Prakash, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings.

Royal Fernwood Porcelain, reputed for their colored and youthful designs, enjoys the heightened value addition through a wide range of extremely popular designs and decorations that include in-glaze, on-glaze, under-glaze, hand painted, etching and microwave-safe designs including gold and platinum.

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