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Bring unruly MPs to book - Prof. Wijesuriya

National Movement for a Just Society Convener and Colombo University Sinhala Department Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya yesterday complained that, according to credible information he has received, Foreign Minister Thilak Marapana has prevented action against the MPs who behaved in a rowdy manner in Parliament during the political crisis late last year.

Minister Marapana is the Chairman of the Committee on Ethics and Privileges in Parliament. The report on the unruly incidents in Parliament was forwarded to the Committee early this year.

Prof. Wijesuriya pointed out that the political crisis in October last year saw the ugliest scenes hitherto unveiled in Parliament, and that the people wanted action be taken against the MPs responsible for those unruly incidents.

“The entire world saw those ugly scenes. The law must be equal to everybody. However, no action was taken against those MPs depicting the lawlessness in the country,” he complained.

He was making the keynote speech at ‘Yathindra Puja’ ceremony organized by the Citizens’ Organizations’ Collective (‘Purawasi Sanvidana Ekamuthuwa’) at BMICH yesterday to pay homage to the Maha Sanga for coming forward to confer honorary titles to the Speaker in recognition of his service to the country.

He added that laws to control the rulers of the country are necessary to prevent them from misusing their power to act against the people’s mandate.

He stressed that a “national leader” is the need of the hour to build a secured future for the country.

“Late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera wished to see a country governed by law, but the country was far away from achieving the goals of a just society when he passed away. The religious leaders have no other prominent duty than saving the country from its current abysmal condition. A country governed by law is what we need today more than the material development. It is time for the Maha Sanga to give the leadership to create the space to achieve this end,” he remarked.

“Since 2015, there have been no extra-judicial killings in the country, but impunity against the culprits who committed extra-judicial killings and disappearances prior to 2015 continues. This means a continuation of culture of crimes though suppressed at the moment. The special courts set up to hear those cases have not yet finished a single case. The rulers must be responsible for this delay. If an ordinary person kept two IDs and two passports, he would be arrested. Is it good governance that MPs are not bound by this law?” he questioned.

He proposed the religious leaders to display a banner at the entrance to temples and other religious places indicating that ‘those who have corruption or criminal cases against them, or those who have abused state property, or engaged in drug business are not allowed in’.

Observing that Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has a historic duty to accomplish the goals desired by late Sobitha thera, Prof Wijesuriya requested the Maha Sanga to offer their blessings to him to achieve them. “Speaker Jayasuriya is a contemporary leader in Sri Lanka devoid of corruption and criminal charges. He is a well-seasoned matured and civilized politician,” he added.

Mahanayake and Anu Nayake Theras representing the Malwathu, Asgiri, Amarapura and Ramanna Nikayas also delivered brief sermons in appreciation of Speaker Jayasuriya’s personality. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, ministers, MPs, professionals, public officials and academia attended the event.


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