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Medical Students’ Parents’ Union on foreign (MBBS) degree holders

It is the foreign medical (MBBS) degree holders who are behind all health disasters in the country. It was they who gave blood of the wrong blood group to a child who died at the Baticaloa Hospital and it is they who are behind the downfall of the Sri Jayawardenepura General Hospital, Media Spokesman of the Medical Students’ Parents’ Union Wasantha Alwis said.

Addressing a press conference at the OPA in Colombo yesterday evening, he said that it is the foreign MBBS degree holders who are behind the rapidly increasing percentage of maternal deaths in Sri Lanka.

The foreign MBBS degree holding intern doctors at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital have gone on record asking the nurses as to which drug should be prescribed for which sickness.

According to Alwis, the union protested opposite the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) yesterday and demanded that the SLMC from exacerbating the existing bad situation by registering SAITM medical students. We demanded the SLMC not to take a decision until August 19.

“If the situation of foreign MBBS degree holders who passed the Act 16 Examination is this, there is no point of taking about others who do not have proper clinical training as stated by the Government itself through some recent newspaper advertisements. We demand all Parliamentarians to solve the issue without wasting more time. The issue of medical education and announcing its minimum standards should be solved through Parliament,” he added.


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