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Sick elephant kills Wildlife official

A Wildlife official who attempted to treat an elephant named ‘Karapatiya’ who had taken ill and was lying at the Mediyawa tank bund in Kohombakadawala, Mahawa, died after being attacked by the elephant, on Tuesday.

The deceased was identified as B.M. Chaminda K. Basnayake (35) a father of two from Meegalewa, Galgamuwa.

He was attached to the Nikaweratiya Veterinary Unit of the Kurunegala Wildlife Assistant Director’s Zone.

Reports said wildlife officials had administered a vaccine to the elephant after sedating it. However, the elephant had regained consciousness and attacked the officials.

The enraged elephant had attacked Basnayake on the chest when he tripped and fell to the ground. Although he was rushed to the Mahawa Hospital, he was pronounced dead on admission. The inquest and postmortem examination was held at the Nikaweratiya Hospital.


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