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Smiling poetry

The social media Facebook has attracted many youngsters and elderly ones, hitherto unknown, to serve as a platform to give ample opportunity to express their innate talents, outstanding or otherwise, in recent times.

It’s only after 2010, I discovered many of such writers that turn out some excellent lines and metaphors which fascinated me. I am talking here only of poems written in Tamil and English only.

As for the poems written in other languages, I am no knowledgeable

Most of such contributors are womenfolk. I have enjoyed reading and appreciating in English the poems, particularly written by the North Indian ladies; maybe they are English Literature educated than the others.

As for poems written in Tamil, many of such poets happen to be Tamils of Lankan origin living as citizens of foreign countries and some from Tamil Nadu and other parts of India.

Sometimes, it is difficult for me to identify to which country they belong to, as they are all born after 1980 and their names were not familiar to me then.

In Lanka too, most of the contributors of poetry happen to be were widely known to me.

I have known Fathima Zimara as a FB friend about two months ago, but I was surprised accidentally meet her at the book launch of Nuha Zain recently.

From Ashraf Sihabdeen, who has written the foreword for her 98-page book called “Karaiyaith Thaluvum Alaihal” (The Waves Embracing the Coast), this lady with five children hails from the hill country and now living in Colombo. Her penname is “Oothap Poo” (The Purple Flower).

It’s priced at Rs 300/. Published in2017 by Ali Ul Akbar of 41/8, Abdul Hameed Road, Colombo 12. There are 55 poems in this collection.

It is pointless of my commenting on her poetry which is in Tamil unless I transliterate into English some of her lines I liked. As usual, I am not very much concerned about the contents of a work, because there are other critics to dissect them as they like.

Here are some lines that fascinated me for the way the poet writes.

Pennil Ulla puthayalkal boomikku entrum puthir thane (The treasures within a woman is always a mystery for the earth)

Mownam Enpathu amathiyin Uchcham (Silence is the zenith of peace)

Ilappuhal thaan moola thanam verrikku (Losses are the Capital for Victory)

Mayakkamun or Thavaththi Nilai (Even bewilderment is a state of blessings)

Iruddukkum Alakundu Ithaiyathhil (Even darkness has beauty in one’s heart)

Before sculpturing, thought prevails: Even the stone is a beauty for the sculptor

Fathima Zimara’s poetry is essentially moralistic based on her faith. She narrates the commonplace observations in and around her bound within a border.

This is perhaps is conditioned by the fact that she is a happily married mother. She is wise assuming wisdom but through felt experience gathered over long years of facing natural calamities like the floods.

But within her adverse experiences, she carries a forward-looking positive attitude. Externally she smiles and lives happy. When I saw her for the first she was all smiling. That is something beautiful.

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