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Remembering Gunadasa Kapuge

Veteran Kapuge Birthday commemoration will be held today (07th) by the Gunadasa Kapuge Foundation for the 13th consecutive year.

A blood donation camp is also scheduled to be held today. To 8:00 a.m. Gunadasa Kapuge Foundation stated that the funeral will be held at the Miriswatta Gunadasa Kapuge memorial at Kahaduwa, Elpitiya.

His name was Ellamulla Kapuge Gunadasa, who was born on August 7, 1945 as the second in a family of eight in a rural village called Miriswatta in Gangabadapathuwa in Galle District. But nobody knew him by the name Kalu Mahaththaya.

The first cassette was released in 1980 with Malani Bulathsinhala. Among the later cassettes, the most loved cassettes may be the Cold Moon Elevation (1981), Unchamada Paintings (1983), Irabatu Tharu (1999) and Moon Ra Sihinaye (2000).

The high popularity of his songs is still a testimony to the fact that this great artist has been honored with many awards for his achievements. In addition to the popularity he has received, -

Swarna Sankha Award - Best Voice (1996), Sarasavi Award - Best Voice (1996), Taste Music Award - Best Singer (1997), Presidential Award - Best Presentation Singer (1997), Sarasavi Award - Best Voice (1997), OCIC Award The awards include Creative Music Direction (1997), Presidential Award for Best Singer (1998) and Sarasavi Award - Bonus Pooja Award (1999).

Kapuge was unfortunately injured in an accident at the Bandaranaike International Airport on April 3, 2003, and died on the same day, leaving a gaping hole in the Sri Lankan art.

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